Newspaper as a source of information

When we think of newspapers, we think of them as bringing us news: when we think of news we think of what’s happening currently around us. This is a totally inadequate description of news as well as newspapers. A newspaper is not only a source of information, it’s a storehouse of information.

It’s true the first job of a newspaper is to give news, but this news is not just news about the day’s happenings. Newspapers bring us a selection of the news from around the world. There are local news items, ‘unexpected news’ of accidents, robberies etc. There is news from the parliment which provides information with regard to decisions affecting the country. News from the world comes through reporters for local newspapers stationes abroad or through news agencies in different countries.

Most importantly there are the advertisement for jobs you want to apply for, advertisements for goods you want to buy, advertisements for the places you want to visit, in the newspapers. All these are carefully written, clearly organized, and attractively presented in a newspaper.

You will be amazed at the type of jobs that are available in a newspaper office.

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